Laboratory of Photogrammetry - Remote Sensing

The Laboratory of Photogrammetry - Remote Sensing was established in the Department of Civil Engineering by Presidential Decree No. 248 (102/31-7-1990), under which the laboratory serves the educational and research needs for subjects of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and contributes to the formation of Geoinformation Systems.

Principles, methods, instruments, developments, products, applications of these disciplines are taught, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. In particular, the following courses are taught:

Undergraduate courses

Graduate courses

  • Graduate program: Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development "Acquisition, Processing and Management of Environmental Data: Photogrammetric, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation methods and systems"
  • Graduate Program: Protection, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments "Photogrammetry, Geoinformation Systems and Photointerpretation, Remote Sensing on the study of Monuments and Historic Centers"

Laboratory Director

Maria Lazaridou, Assistant Professor

Lab Members

Maria Lazaridou, Assistant Professor
Charalampos Georgiadis, Lecturer

PhD students

A. Karagianni, Civil Engineer


The Lab. of Photogrammetry-Remote Sensing has rooms on the 2nd floor of the Rural and Surveying Engineering building (office no. 4), in the first basement of the department of Rural and Surveying Engineering and in the second basement of the same building.

Research activities

Subjects of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and applications including: geotechnical subjects, transportation, hydraulics, environment, constructions, monuments and historic centers.


Aerial photographs and satellite data of areas of Greece.
Instruments and software of qualitative and metric image processing (such as stereoscopes, Digital Photogrammetric Plotter, ERDAS software, Leica Photogrammetric Suite software).
Digital camera Canon EOS 7D for terrestrial takings.